About Us

Thant Myanmar is a Myanmar organization born out of a movement to fight plastic pollution. It registered in February 2019 as a non-profit company continuing its campaigns and public awareness raising but also doing contractual work around the topic of waste management, surveys and research, development of toolkits and guides for the private sector. Now our clients range from the World Bank to UN programs, NGOs and private sector industries developing waste reduction efforts in their specific industry.

Community SWM is at the heart of our mission to reduce waste. We combine grass root initiatives with a structured method for sustained waste collection and community funding. Building on this basic structure we work on more challenging topics like, plastic reduction, waste segregation and composting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce waste and its impact on the environment through a community led movement.


  • Public awareness raising on the environmental impact of plastic and promotion of sustainable alternative
  • Community waste management and waste awareness
  • Consulting City/Town development committees and rural communities in improved waste management
  • Research on Waste: Waste auditing for municipalities and private sector companies/industries, plastic surveys
  • Technical support on policy development

Recent Projects